An Endless Supply of the Planet's Purest Water Delivered Right to Your Fingertips

LifeMistUSA Water Distillers is your source of the finest home and small business water distillation systems.  For water you can trust to be pure, clean and healthy, chose a Precision Water Distiller, the finest distiller on the market!  North American made with over 30 years experience. When you have fixed your Life Support water problem via distillation, we also offer Working Water whole home water treatment solutions. For more than 20 years, James & Frankie Fiedler have been recognized experts in the water distilling industry. They are passionate and committed to educating others on the remarkable health benefits of drinking steam distilled water and helping consumers and businesses choose the right size and configuration for their specific situation.  

You can be confident your Life Support water; the water you drink and cook with, is pure and healthy!  The distillation process is highly effective in removing all inorganic, organic and radio nucleotide contaminants.  The includes heavy metals, ammonia, nitrate, chloride, chlorine, fluoride, radium 266, industrial organic contaminants and pollutants.  It also removes commonly used insecticides, herbicides, and lead as well as ALL BACTERIA AND VIRUSES.

Precision Water Distillers - Only the Best!

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