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The Purest Water on the Planet!

Welcome to the Home of the Planet's Purest Water! 

The LifeMist Water steam distiller water purification system is the most effective water treatment method known to man.

Healthy, Pure, Fresh & Clean!

Pure Water Treatment for Home & Business
Endless Supply, Pennies Per Gallon

Healthiest Water for the Human Body

Science Based
Easy to Own, Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain!

No Messy, Filthy, Expensive Filters!
Guaranteed Pure Water, Regardless of the water source.
Goes With You if you Move
Sizes to Fit your Family Size
Commercial Units Available


Only DISTILLATION is Immune from a Boil Alert - A Filter is Useless!
The Most Unique, Advanced, Dependable, Reliable Distiller in the World!


  • Pure, Fresh Tasting & Clean
  • Endless Supply of Healthy Steam Distilled Water
  • Pennies Per Gallon
  • Doctor Endorsed
  • Guaranteed Pure!
  • Finest Made Distiller in the World!
  • Outstanding Workmanship

Call us TODAY for more information on how you too can start enjoying the Planet's Purest Water!  Enjoy pure, clean water from the highest quality water distiller in the world.  Your health will thank you for it!

LifeMist pure steam distilled water is purity guaranteed.  Regardless of how toxic the water source is, no matter what poisons are in your water (chlorine, nitrates, arsenic, mercury, chromium, asbestos, radon, lead or fluoride for instance), no matter what pathogens, such as, e-coli, hepatitis, fecal coli, parasites, guardia, no matter how many different drugs (hormones, epileptic seizure medications, chemotherapy drugs, methamphetamine, mood altering substances) and many more have been found in tap waters in the United States), the LifeMist distiller will leave it behind.  The pure water from the LifeMist distiller is consistently pure of contamination.

Discover for yourself the condition of the water coming from your tap!  Well waters are not immune from toxins; most of the contaminants are found in both tap and well waters.

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What Does the EPA Test for in our Water?
What are the Maximum Contaminant Levels for Poisons Like ARSENIC? 

What are the Health Problems associated with each toxin? 

See the EPA National Primary Drinking Water Regulations



Click on the image below for a quick slide show of our line of LifeMist distillers.

Video: What's In Your Water

What's in the Water You Drink? Why is Pure Water Important to our Health?
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